European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Wyeth is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, consumer health care and animal health care products.

The Challenge

  • Wyeth had a large and dispersed number of third party manufacturers/suppliers, managed both locally and centrally. This situation did not permit common management methodology and reduced the ability to manage the third parties to Wyeth’s usual high standards.

The Approach

  • A full review was carried out of the critical factors including product turnover, profitability, sales demographics, distribution requirements/costs and the ease of manufacture.
  • A full product transfer plan was developed taking into account the market place, technical capabilities, management and potential suppliers.
  • Weir-TSCS project management experience techniques were used to ensure timely transfer of products at minimal costs.

The Results

  • A manageable number of third party suppliers operating in the most efficient areas using optimum technology – resulting in cost and time savings to the client.