Tate Lyle

European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Tate and Lyle is a world leader in manufacturing food products and ingredients.

The Challenge

  • Tate and Lyle needed to ensure that their UK logistics operation was optimally balancing the cost / service equation.

The Approach

  • The project team produced a clear definition of optimum service requirements for each business sector and identified fleet operations to deliver minimum cost / maximum service. A migration plan was produced for change within 9 month - to dispose of excess vehicles, re-develop the in-house workshop function and integrate new working practices.
  • All dry product moved on multi-shifted vehicles, via an integrated 3rd party fleet with contract hire driver base. Scheduling and backloading via a wider network was implemented to achieve maximum utilisation, vehicle time and load capacity based.
  • Integration of IT systems was carried out to enable real time information to be passed to and from customers with dynamic scheduling to optimize service levels and performance.

The Results

"Many of our customers have already noticed an improvement in service levels, our drivers have a better working regime and the profitability of our operation has been significantly enhanced." Logistics Director