European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Survitec Group is the world’s leading survival technology company serving the military, marine, aerospace and homeland security markets.

The Challenge

  • Survitec, having been acquired by a Venture Capitalist, had a major drive to reduce costs and improve profitability. Logistics accounted for 8% of total costs and had, until now, never been managed.
  • To further improve profitability, Survitec also undertook a complete review of the manufacturing footprint and required support and advice on logistics options and related costs.

The Approach

  • Using statistical analysis and understanding operational methodology, the project team identified significant short, medium and long term opportunities where savings and improvements could be achieved using improved business practices.
  • Following a review of all suppliers, key preferred suppliers were identified, reviewed and selected so as to achieve more effective logistics for the business at reduced costs.

The Results

  • Options for savings in excess of 30% were identified and processes are being implemented to deliver maximum benefit within shortest timescale.