Supply Chain Sustainability

What is Total Supply Chain Sustainability?

Total supply chain Sustainability is the art of delivering a product or service with lowest possible cost and minimum impact on the environment.

The right product at the right time in the right place, with every aspect of TOTAL COST considered.  This starts with $ costs and includes a great deal more ....

This includes:

  • Optimum strategic supply chain design and operations
  • Minimum waste operations
  • Significant $ cost savings
  • Optimum design of for cradle to cradle life cycle
  • Appropriate material selection and full assessment of any conflicts, scarcity and political sensitivities
  • Full energy mapping and minimization
  • Cradle to cradle re-use/recycling of resources and materials

TSUS thinking creates unique value for our clients to pass on to their consumers through ensuring availability of lowest "real cost" products of choice AND long term health for people and planet.

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