European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

North Bristol NHS Trust - Best Practice Logistics

Patient Transport Services (PTS) at an Acute Trust includes the movement of ‘non emergency’ patients, samples, equipment and materials required for the day to day running of the hospital.

The Challenge

  • The total PTS spend was 10 times higher than the figure originally assumed in the hospital ‘Transport’ budget.
  • There was little coordination or control of the transport ordering across multiple sites & user groups.
  • The contractual agreement had not been renegotiated for 7 years and less than half of the contracts had up to date Service Level Agreements.
  • There was also no common basis for performance monitoring in place.
  • Transport service failures were responsible for up to 15% of 4 hour A&E failures and low levels of customer service.

Our Approach

  • The team analysed and identified the transport requirements, usage and optimal solutions across 3 Trust sites and wide range of services.
  • All contracts were revised and renegotiated and common Service Level Agreements were established with sustainability and environmental considerations built in.
  • The team also recruited and trained a specialist, fully equipped support team and implemented a Central Transport Ordering and Allocation process. This ensured ‘right quality/best value’ transport is available as needed throughout the Trust services.

The Results

  • Total savings in excess of £500,000; annualised costs were reduced by over £380,000 within 6 months.
  • Improved patient care; reduced burden on front line staff.
  • 15% reduction in transport miles.