European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Lincolnshire Herbs is the UK’s largest producer of fresh "in-pot" herbs for the retail market.

The Challenge

  • Lincolnshire Herbs participated in a Sustainability Benchmarking programme which we ran in conjunction with a major retailer.
  • The business demonstrated a number of areas of good practice and a strong commitment to Sustainability, but was concerned that its existing carbon footprint model did not capture all activities in enough detail.

Our Approach

  • Based on our understanding of the business from the Benchmarking programme, and using our extensive knowledge of the food sector, we were able to engage rapidly with senior managers to create a carbon data plan.
  • We worked rapidly in all areas of the business to identify and extract relevant and meaningful data to build a new carbon footprint model across their extended supply chain.
  • The model was built such that a wide range of scenarios could be modelled to show the impact of varying a number of elements of the growing process, including heating, lighting, ventilation and growing media.

The Results

  • The output of this focused piece of work was a thorough validation of the relevant data, to arrive at an accurate carbon footprint across all GHG Protocol Scopes, together with an interactive model to enable the business to consider the carbon impacts of future products and growing strategies.
  • We also provided a series of simple benchmarks against comparable businesses, based on a combination of desk research and our wider experience of the food sector.