European Case Studies- examples of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Fenmarc is a major UK-based producer of potatoes and vegetables, supplying bulk and pre-packaged product to retail multiples and via wholesalers, with annual turnover of ~£80m.

The Challenge

  • Fenmarc was one of a large number of suppliers to a major global grocery chain which participated in a large supply chain Sustainability benchmarking program.
  • Inspired by this program, the Fenmarc team commissioned us to work further with them to develop the initial opportunity assessment into a detailed business Sustainability strategy.

Our Approach

  • We launched the project with a high-impact workshop for a large number of staff and managers, to share the findings of the initial Sustainability benchmarking exercise. The workshop explored the scope of issues in our full Benchmarking toolkit and added ~70 further opportunities to a list of 60 which had been identified in the first phase.
  • Over a period of weeks, we worked through these potential opportunities with the operational teams at Fenmarc, collecting detailed data to validate (or reject) each opportunity.
  • We also produced a series of supply chain "maps" to illustrate where in the extended supply chain the opportunities lay, and to help the senior team to set priorities (for example, which internal projects to accelerate, and which external suppliers to involve in the programme).

The Results

  • The project identified significant savings in all parts of the supply chain, including internal energy efficiency measures , improved planning processes, potential for on-site energy generation, logistics consolidation and utilization improvements and a wide range of other initiatives.
  • Total savings represent a significant % of turnover (figure is client confidential).
  • At the end of the project, the business had a clearly-prioritised strategy to deliver improved business Sustainability and financial savings.