Business Post

Case Studies - examples from Europe of work by Weir-TSCS Ltd

Business Post has grown to become one of the largest independent express delivery companies in the United Kingdom.

In a competitive market place Business Post is constantly looking how to develop its products and services. Scheduling has enabled high level assessments of the impact of potential new offerings on the current operational network, vital for understanding the cost to serve.


Ben Hiles, Head of Network Development, commented:

"I wanted to make better use of technology in the operational arena. It’s a fast-changing market and can be seasonal. The ability to put science behind what drivers do can be advantageous."

"We are now reviewing our routes looking at ‘what-if’ scenarios. Where we moved sites, such as Bristol, we can use the software to recalculate routes and see if any changes are needed. The software can’t just go off and give you an answer, but it does make the process of reviewing routes a lot quicker, and assists in the re-engineering of them."

"As we get better in using the system, we will be looking to use it on a tactical day to day basis, ensuring that the route is organised in the most effective way assisting the drivers and their ability to delivery improved levels of service to our customers."